No Place For Hate®

Make Your School Community No Place for Hate®:

Is any child in your school being picked on or left out? Have you heard any offensive jokes, name-calling or biased remarks on your campus? Is your student body becoming more diverse? If so, the ADL Plains States can help make your school a place of respect, unity and character through No Place for Hate®, an exciting nation-wide campaign.

Standing up to bullies and against bigotry is never easy – particularly for young people. This is why ADL’s No Place for Hate® initiative empowers the whole school community – teachers and students, administrators and parents – to tackle prejudice, bullying and intergroup conflict.

It’s easy and free of charge!

How to Become a No Place for Hate® School:

  1. Sign and submit to ADL a School Intent Form.
  2. Have a majority of students, teachers and staff sign the Resolution of Respect. (For your school’s purposes only; there is no need to return individually-signed Resolutions to ADL. You can use the tools below or develop your own as long as you record the number of signatures on the Resolution of Respect Completion Form and submit to the ADL.)
  3. After you’ve collected signatures, please complete and submit to ADL the Resolution of Respect Completion Form.
  4. Complete three or more anti-bias school activities. Design your own projects or select from the No Place for Hate® Resource Guide which offers more than 100 activity ideas, plus a calendar and glossary of religious and cultural observances, hate crime information, ways to respond to hate incidents in schools and tips for responding to hurtful language.
  5. Celebrate your school’s achievements by taking plenty of photos and videos! Please have all photographed or videotaped students sign the required Release Form.
  6. Complete and submit to ADL the Activities Fulfillment Form to receive your official No Place for Hate® designation.


No Place for Hate® Banner School:

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No Place for Hate® Brochure

 For more information on how you can make your school No Place for Hate®, call 402-333-1303.